Taking Cayenne Tincture

Cayenne tincture

the Cayenne pepper and Capsaicin, the natural wonders of medicine:
The medical benefits of cayenne are well known. In fact, there are more than three thousand studies on the health benefits of capsaicin (cayenne’s active ingredient) and cayenne pepper.

Heart Attack And Stroke:

A large tablespoon of cayenne pepper tincture (or extract) in a glass of lukewarm water, or 10 dropperfuls (half oz.)the treatment dose is necessary for someone to have a heart attack or a stroke. If you don’t drink a glass of liquid is possible, apply cayenne drops directly into the mouth. This calls for a more powerful than habanero in handy. The increase in the units of Scoville approximately 100 000 to 400 000 are ideal.

It is better to know whether the person that the blood thinner medication before the cayenne pepper, but with a very serious stroke or heart attack, is it really worth the risk. You can see the bottom of the safety instructions.

It regulates blood pressure, strengthens the pulse, feeds the heart, lowers cholesterol, thins the blood, cleanses the circulatory system, heals ulcers, slows down the bleeding and accelerates the healing of wounds, regenerates damaged tissues, relieves constipation, digestion, regulates elimination, relieves arthritis and rheumatism, prevents the spread of the infection, numbs the pain, and even more.

If I could only have a situation, emergency medicine, herb, it would be cayenne tincture because it stimulates blood circulation throughout the body. Cayenne the capillaries, veins and arteries helps to regain the elasticity of youth. In addition, if the venous structure is filled with mucus, the blood thickens,” and has to move a more difficult time. Cayenne, the shots and the blood, like no other plant. Cayenne tincture should be a pharmacy in every house. In fact, all of the holistic health use advise or the practice of a naturopath needs to cayenne pepper as an important component in most of their healing protocols.

While the cayenne pepper is amazing, even when he, together with another grass, and the results are more than the sum of its parts. Capsaicin helps every other herb function better because it stimulates the circulation of the blood, thereby reducing the positive effects of the bio-chemistry and nutrition for the cells.

Cayenne is an extremely effective tool for the treatment of cardiac and circulatory disorders, heart palpitations, heart arrhythmias (irregular heart beat). It’s a miracle for congestive heart failure and is beneficial for someone who has varicose veins, any kind of circulatory disorders such as high or low blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides and even.

Two teaspoons of cayenne pepper, ground or dried, 11 calories, almost no non-existent glycemic index, 8.3% of USRDA of highly bio-available vitamin A. you also get 7.1% of the USRDA of vitamin E, 5.2% in Vitamin B-6, and 3.9% fiber, 3.6%, and vitamin C, to 3.5% manganese, and 3.2% of vitamin K.

Daily Cayenne for prevention and care:

The daily cleaning, the dosage of 3 teaspoons of cayenne pepper tincture (one teaspoon three times a day). In the best benefits of cayenne pepper are realized, when shooting directly in liquid form or food, but to build, for obvious reasons, most people need up to now, in the course of time. Other options include mixing the powder in food as a condiment, and the drink of tea of cayenne. You can also make capsules of cayenne.

Natural remedies for Cayenne:

The list of diseases cayenne can help with are enormous, but there are warnings to be aware of, in addition to the burn. Be sure to check the warnings at the end of the article. (See Link)

Metabolism/ Weight Loss/Fat Burning
Colds And Allrgies
High Cholesterol
The Blood Pressure
Ulcers and digestive problems
Headaches and migraines
The bleeding and Open wounds, cuts
Blood Circulation – Blood Circulation
The Regrowth Of The Hair
The conditions for the skin… and the list goes on

Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits – Nutritionist Karen Roth – San Diego

Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits – Nutritionist Karen Roth – San Diego

http://www.karenrothnutrition.com – Cayenne Pepper is a delicious and healthy Spice. In this video, a Dietician, Karen Roth discusses the health Benefits of cayenne Pepper and shares some Ideas on how to integrate them into Their Food.

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Did You know that the Seasoning, You can use the health Benefits? Cayenne and other red chili peppers have been shown to reduce Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels. Cayenne has a high Concentration of a Substance called capsaicin. This Substance is what there is of the Heat. And it is widely studied and used for its Cardio-Vascular Benefits.

And, of course, if someone used spicy Peppers you know that You can open congested nasal passages. The Capsaicin in the Pepper is similar to a Link found in many over-the-counter decongestants. But of course, the Food is always better, the Drugs and, in this Case, capsaicin works much faster. A hot Tea with cayenne Pepper quickly stimulate the mucosal Lining of the nasal passages causing the Drainage, to help to relieve Congestion and Constipation. The next time You catch a Cold, to try. This also makes a great Liquid for Gargling, if You have a sore Throat. Pepper “burns” of the Pain, numbness and kill the virus!

And last, but not least, You get to obtain with the help of chili pepper such as cayenne, it can increase Your Metabolism. That Heat You feel after Eating something hot, it takes Calories to produce. Therefore, it is an excellent Condiment to use when You are trying to lose Weight.

Cayenne pepper brings the Passion and Heat to many Dishes. You can Heat with a light dusting of Eating or Your ” kick it up a notch by adding more.

•Sprinkle of Cayenne pepper to every stir fry, the Court, Stews and chilies
•Keep a shaker of cayenne on the Table next to the Salt and Pepper, as well as his mobile phone.
•Boxes of Beans are the ideal Food for the addition of cayenne pepper. Chop Onions and Tomatoes, sprinkle with some cayenne, and a perfect side dish for Your Next Meal Mexican.
•Sprinkle on Baked Potatoes, sliced jicama.
•Excellent in Scrambled eggs. Filled Eggs
•Mix into dips such as guacamole or salsa.

With the cold of winter, the Days here, what better Time to ad a little Warmth in the Day!

The Greatest Discovery Of Diet

the systems are not for long-term success. To create diets in General, the defects in one or more areas. Lost Kilos, and also the lean tissue important for liquids, as well as some of the fat reserves, this is to a large extent in a brain enzyme called Lipoprotein Lipase produces”. We discuss this enzyme in more detail in a detailed article later. Many diets have earned points, and if you the letters that follow can fat the impressive advantage of the short-term and the actual reduction of the body total, which is the goal.
is A big problem with diets is that most people go on a diet, are “on” or “OFF ” a regime change never really life eating habits that makes you fat in the first place. An even bigger problem is that about 95% of these people diet, without understanding ever, the underlying cause or the effect of diet, what you are doing.
OK, now you get the message, diets don’t work. The diets are not the answer in the long term, to a slim, healthy you!
well the good old DocStuey is more than happy to inform you that after testing tons (no pun!)BS dangers of internet diets, dieting, diet review sites, the marketing of all types of weight-loss solutions that promise quick, painless, easy, and the results… the kind of results that each of the 150 million dollars for obesity in North America, isn’t it, the only thing, in fact, the discounts that you weight without any effort, is your wallet… We have “the answer that you were looking for!”.
I take my hat off to Tom Venuto car explains, “outside the law” bodybuilders who has enough for all of the BS is seen daily in the course of the years, in the nutrition, health and fitness world. Born from the hands on experience of over two decades, Tom has promised his facts in relation to the skills that are sincere and ready to undertake efforts to restore total control over their Own health and wellness, once and always!!!!!! Tom offers real results, as quickly everyone could be honest to produce said to be the durable, comfortable and long lasting. Tom did a great job the format to hold, easy to read, enjoyable and fact filled… I could not dispel him down to to what I did… it does an excellent job to that the many myths of rock solid facts… he’s ashamed to tell me, “Tom turned full, on the basis of knowledge than most doctors I know… read “. Good that we have some slight differences in the opinions, they are only “small differences”… “Two thumbs up”.

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Why diets don’T work

pulled One of the biggest scams never succeed on the American public is a little 4-letter word. This word is, of course, the food. Now that you have seen ads for the more power you can easily remember, and have also seen more opportunities to burst a article or a television program some of these systems. Unfortunately, the type of holes to shoot through, the credibility of a diet plan is usually possible, by a DIFFERENT system of society, with the sole aim to use, your product on the spot. Well, this article has nothing to sell, to buy anything, really, save the knowledge that hopefully the reader – that’s you – is the diet madness menu, and not to get a real point of view on why diets work and what you can do about it.

the food, the Lost art

If you are planning to go on a diet, or have done in the past is their biggest motivation was probably to lose weight. And if I tell you that to lose weight, you need to eat MORE, as they have in the past? You would probably be shaking with the head, this crazy idea, and I think it was a new fad that could help in any way you achieve your weight loss goals. Of course, the fact that all of the systems you’ve never heard is at one point a “new fad” would probably not even penetrate your mind. Nevertheless, the fact remains that most people do not need to eat more than what they are now, with the goal to lose weight, but the trick is to eat the right kinds of foods, in the correct ratio of nutrients and at the right moment of the day. Its delicate? Can be, but I assure you, it is really very simple. However, the purpose of this article is not about the benefits of consumption, but simply to let you know that the consumption is in fact a very effective means to lose excess body weight, and explain how to prevent the systems that it occurs.


Although most of the people think, the latest version of the regime” in these terms and conditions, and we hope that the following question you will do, consider what is pretty obvious if you stop to think about it. To burn when the new “last diet you’ll Ever Need” was really good, you melt the pounds while sitting on the couch snacking “Carbo craze Chips” or effective distance of your tires, spare parts, aspiring, the sweet smell of “air-Aroma trifles”, why then not everyone already thin??

Seriously think about. Every time you hear about the latest diet or the most of the lasts until the day of the exercise, the device just 20 minutes a day, you always say that you never need another system! The announced system – regardless of the logic, or even strange as it may seem – is always touted, better than ever, and the last system you will ever need. Well, if it were true, don’t you think that the manufacturer of this system would not only to be richer than any other in history, but also become famous as the person who Finally solved the problem of obesity in our world? You don’t believe that the person can also advertising for your product, during the prime-time TELEVISION, in the place of the end of the night? You don’t think this system would be around the world – throughout history itself – as a turning point in human development?

So, I’m going to ask you the same question: If the solution is already there, why do we need to keep coming up with new solutions?? The answer is not very easy, of course, these systems operate, and man the population is just looking for a non-existent quick solution to get rid of, made a large number in the late night excursions to the local burger joint, or the fact that you should have, in the beer while you were in college. So what for to work? The human physiology.


the metabolism is defined as the speed at which your body process food. In other words, the speed to burn your body calories. The faster your metabolism, the more food than you can eat without gaining weight. What do you thinkor the control of your metabolism? By eating foods rich in nutrients meals every 3 to 3 ½ hours. This practice “stokes your internal furnace”, as a better analogy. You to your body as an old steam shovel of coal had been thinking in the combustion chamber, a scoop at a time. If you do not shovel coal fast enough, the locomotive would slow down, and your body is no different. If you do not slows down enough to eat often, your metabolism, and you do not have to burn up the calories very quickly. In addition, only your rate of calories are not to go down, but your body begins to store close to everything you eat, the fat mass! So basically every time you play in your effort to be honest “stick to your diet”, you are actually slow down the metabolism and make your body more efficient at building padding you sit on the baseball.


“I do not like” they say. They believe that in order to lose weight, you must starve to death. Ok, this is bad, but I’m going to explain to you why this idea is wrong. Your body needs energy so you can live through the other of the day. The amount of energy you need depends on your basal metabolic rate, and your activities for the day. For most people this means that between 1 500 and 2 500 calories per day. Well, if your calorie-reduced diet will not allow you to survive a lot of calories, your body is a way, somehow. He does it by your muscles and use it for energy. “And then?” you say. Don’t you worry, as long as the scale says that you don’t have to lose weight?

and if I told you that the ONLY place on your body you burn fat to fuel your muscles? What to do if I told you that you will lose more muscle tissue on a low calorie diet, the fewer calories that you can eat, after the loss of the muscle mass? And if I told you that after losing 20 pounds on a reduced calorie diet that has decreased their share of fat, that very little, or not at all? And if I told you that with the muscle mass have to have energy, you have literally your body’s ability to burn fat, in the future, and it is only through the laws of nature (of which we can’t change, by the way), you are absolutely will put the weight on the back, and probably more weight than you ever have before? is paralyzed

If I told you everything, would you still want to burn the muscle tissue of energy, while you to pay for to starve for sticking to your diet $8 a bag for Carbo Chips, and $20 per session for Aromatic air pieces of jewelry?

on the other hand, perhaps the laws of nature do not apply to you. In this case, make sure you tune in tonight, I think that the “Lose weight While you eat Butter Fried bacon” – scheme will be seen on a new publi-reportage. It is, after all,management of companies, the articles, The last diet you’ll ever Need!

The Cayenne Pepper, The Sauce Recipe And Greenhouses, Hydroponics, Update 8 12 16

Cayenne pepper, the Sauce recipe And greenhouses, hydroponics, update 8 12 16

Hey guys! Due to demand I have decided to make a video of how the house of Cayenne-pepper-sauce on my way, with fresh products Cowhorn peppers from the greenhouse! I will also give you a quick update on the pepper, and the tomatoes are always good! I have to show you a pepper-harvest, and a negligence error! I also decided to have new seedlings of tomato, instead of the sucker rooted! I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to comment, like, and subscribe!

Cayenne Pepper-Sauce:

1 lb Cayenne peppers
2 medium carrots, cut into large pieces
1 medium onion, cut into quarters
1 large clove of garlic
3 c water
2 c vinegar
1tbs of salt and 1 teaspoon of salt
1/4 c-pectin, liquid or 3 tablespoons powdered pectin ( I use no pectin)

1-In a stainless steel non-reactive pot, add all ingredients except pectin, bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for 45 minutes or until the carrots are very tender.

2-turn off the fire and add the pectin, mix well embed.

3-Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature, and then put it in a stand mixer.

4-mixing with high speed for 2 minutes.

5-move the mixture into a clean container, use a trowel or a spoon to press as much liquid as possible. Discard the solids.