Black Seed Curing More Than 40 Health Conditions: What is Yours? Find Now

Black Seed Curing More Than 40 Health Conditions: What is Yours? Find Now

Black seed is a miracle cure. It helps to treat a lot of conditions. For more information visit

1. Baldness: It does not matter your hair fall or baldness is due to age or other reasons. Take a teaspoon of Black seed oil every day. Also apply some on the bald areas and you will see results soon.

2. Beard Growth: Take as advised above and massage into the roots of your beard.

3. Bee Stings: Boil the seeds in water. Let it cool down and the apply to the sting.

4. Cancer and Turmors: Mix with honey and garlic

5. Cardiovascular: Half a teaspoon of the oil in warm first thing in the morning.

6. Radian skin and Face: Mix olive oil, honey and black seed oil and apply. Leave for 15 minutes. Repeat and see the wonderful results.

7 & 8. Chest Congestion and Cough: Mix with raw honey. Take a teaspoon of the mixture twice a day.

9. Daibetes: Take on empty somach. Half a teaspoon should be enoug for diabetes and lowering sugar levels.

10. Diarrhea: Guranteed to work. Add a teaspoon to yogurt and drink twice a day.

11. Earache: Mixt a few drops of olive oil with blackseed oil and put three drops of the mixture before going to bed.

12. Eyes Diseases: Mix half a teaspoon of the oil with carrot juice and reap thebenefits.

13: Flue and Colds: Take with raw honey twice a day.

Other conditions:
14: Facial paralysis
15: Nasal congestion
Liver stones
Gas and Flatulence
Headaches and Migraines
High Blood Pressure
Boosting Immunity
Breast feeding and lactation
Boosting memory
Mosquitoes bites
Mouth infection
Nose and Throat
Back pain
Muscular pain
Rehumatic pains
Stomach pain
Tooth ache
Gum infection
Weight loss
Bladder infection
Infections, Sore throat, cold and flue, Nasal congeston, Chest congestion, insomania, dry mouth

Miracle Noodles (shirataki noodles): How To Cook Them

Miracle Noodles (shirataki noodles): How To Cook Them

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Foods That Resemble the Body Parts And They’re Good For

Foods That Resemble the Body Parts And They’re Good For

this is very beautiful informative video about the natural food and diet which resemble with our body parts and those food are good for the resemble parts of body .

This is a channel where we will discover the daily life issues and humans differences of natures but with different Prospective because Our name Itself is Different Prospective !!

Cooking Spice Substitute for Cayenne Pepper : Spice Up Your Kitchen

Cooking Spice Substitute for Cayenne Pepper : Spice Up Your Kitchen

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If you don’t want to use cayenne pepper, there are a number of other spices that you can try instead. Learn about cooking spice substitutes for cayenne pepper with help from a passionate cook obsessed with spices in this free video clip.

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Bio: Carol Peterman is a passionate cook obsessed with spices.
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Keto Thai Chicken Curry Recipe | Easy Low Carb Chicken Curry | Keto Diet Recipe |Organixx Recipe

Keto Thai Chicken Curry Recipe | Easy Low Carb Chicken Curry | Keto Diet Recipe |Organixx Recipe

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Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits – Mom Prepares

Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits – Mom Prepares What is cayenne pepper?
Also known as the African red pepper, American red pepper, Spanish pepper, bird pepper, or Guinea pepper – It is a red pepper that grows as a perennial in tropical areas. It is well known in in a ground up form as a powdered spice used with many foods. It is not chili powder, red chile powder, paprika, or red pepper flakes. Cayenne pepper is different from those spices and has many health benefits.

Turns out that cayenne pepper has many health benefits, but use it in moderation and with caution. The seeds of a cayenne pepper can be toxic and excess amounts can lead to serious problems. If you are on regular medication or supplements make sure to talk to your doctor before using cayenne.

It is very high in vitamins A, the B vitamin complex, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin K, niaicin, iron, and the minerals potassium and manganese. Cayenne pepper has been used for heartburn, delirium, tremors, gout, paralysis, fever, dyspepsia, flatulence, sore throat, hemorrhoids, nausea, tonsillitis, scarlet fever and diphtheria. It can help heal ulcers, remove plaque from arteries, stop migraines, rebuild the flesh harmed by frostbite and warm the entire body. It is also a catalyst used in other herbal formulas.

The high amount of potassium is very beneficial for heart health. Dr. John Christopher, a famous herbalist, said that he could stop a heart attack if he could get the patient to drink a glass of warm cayenne pepper water because the cayenne immediately equalizes the blood pressure and feeds the heart with the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Oxford Polytechnic Institute in England did experiments that showed by adding 1 tsp of red pepper sauce and 1 tsp of mustard to meals you can increase your metabolism by as much as 25% . Increased metabolism can help reduce weight.

You don’t even have to ingest cayenne pepper to get benefits from it. Its active component is capsaicin, which gives the pepper its heat. By putting it on topically the capsaicin helps release more neurotransmitters which inhibit the pain nerves for a little while. This can help with rheumatoid arthritis pain, muscle pain from fibromyalgia, and nerve pain from shingles.

The capsaicin in cayenne peppers helps clear mucus and congested lungs. But be careful because it is also the main ingredient in pepper spray. A hot cayenne pepper tea during cold and flu season works faster than many cold remedies in relieving congestion and stuffiness. Gargling with cayenne pepper in the water can help sore throats and strep throat. it can also helps prevent tooth and gum diseases. The Loma Linda University in CA showed that cayenne might help prevent lung cancer in smokers,

Here are some other ways to add a bit of cayenne to your diet.
Cayenne goes well with vegetable sautes and canned vegetables.
Keep some handy with your black pepper so you can add a bit to any meal.
Try a pinch in hot cocoa
Add it with lemon juice to collards, kale, mustard green and other bitter greens.

Don’t put cayenne pepper in freezer meals until you are ready to serve them. The cayenne will become too spicy and overpower the food if it is in the dish for a while.

This is just a quick touch on the health benefits of cayenne pepper.

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Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits – Mom Prepares