Is The Ketogenic Diet Advantageous For The Brain?

Is The Ketogenic Diet Advantageous For The Brain?

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The ketogenic diet/ketosis and the brain; is there a connection?
Your brain is 60% fat – So what happens to your brain on a high fat ketogenic based diet?

Ketogenic diets are becoming popular, not only for fat loss, but for the potential to improve brain function. The anecdotes for ketogenic diets and brain function have been abundant, but now researchers are focusing in on the idea that ketones are better for your brain power.

Any diet works for fat loss, but not every diet works for super-charged cognitive performance.

The ketones hydroxybutyrate (BHB), acetoacetate and acetone are released into the blood and taken up by the brain and body which fire ketone bodies into the mitochondria, which are the power plants of cells. Through cellular reputation the mitochondria break down nutrients and provide the body and brain with energy.

Some parts of the brain need glucose, this is true, but the body can turn dietary protein into glucose through gluconeogenesis.

You, me, your grandma, any healthy individual shifts into ketosis unintentionally. This happens when you wake up in the morning. If you’re not hungry in the morning this indicates you have a strong metabolism as you’re in ketosis.

Nutritional ketosis occurs in the latter situations, however, keto-adaptation occurs after several weeks when your body adapts and begins to prefer ketones of glucose as its preferred source of fuel.

When you intentionally fast for longer periods or follow a diet very high in fat, medium protein and low (5%) carbs, something interesting happens to the brain and personally called keto-adaptation where your body fundamentally prefers ketones over glucose as it’s primary energy source.

Ketogenic diets favour glutamate becoming GABA instead of aspartate.

Ketones increase GABA where neurotransmitters are released, also known as synapses in the brains of rats and some epileptic patients.

GABA is beneficial for your sleep, focus and attention and increases in various narcotics which causes feelings of euphoria and cognitive focus.

Oxidants in the brain have a single electron which makes them reactions hence the large amount of oxidants in epileptic patients leading to Excitotoxicity.

Excitotoxicity leads to epileptic brain damage as neurones are basically friend due to the excitement of these oxidants in the brain.

Antioxidants in blueberries, for example, reduce this risk, so the state of ketosis inhibits these violent molecules and increases the breakdown of them to a significant degree.

If you do it right and don’t eat trans fats as your source of 75% fat or so then the high-fat nature of keto isn’t a problem if you increase polyunsaturated fats (specifically omega-3) such as DHA and EPA which are commonly cited as “brain supplements” to help aid in the reduction of oxidation and inflammation.

We know that inflammation plays a key role in the role of the development of insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is inclusive of the brain, a strong cognitive marker for brain based ailements.

Overall, more research needs to be done. But from what we’ve seen so far and the copious amounts of anecdotal accounts it seems likely that the fat-fuel brain has specific advantages for certain people.

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34 thoughts on “Is The Ketogenic Diet Advantageous For The Brain?”

  1. Very informative video. Any chance you are also doing a podcast or could produce these videos in podcast form ?

  2. Those saturated fats that clog your arteries are the real contributing factor to Alzheimers Disease. Saturated fats are ok for babies because it’s a nutrient-dense and calorie-dense food that is meant for growing children. It’s not natural for a grown human to drink milk to begin with.

  3. I have attention deficit disorder and take medicines i have been doing a high fat keto diet mostly eating 80/20 hamburger patties. For about a month now i work out in my home and would usually get easily distracted by the simplest things when working out but since i started keto. I have amazing focus 24/7 and am able to get my workouts done faster now and do more reps as well.

  4. Hi! I love your channel, many thanks! Do you have any information about the effect of non-vegetarian ketosis and if it affects positively or negatively in the endothelial cells? Keep up the great videos!

  5. I was in ketosis for a while and I didn’t noticed any difference.Maybe there is one in people who actually have a problem with using glucose for fuel.

  6. While the brain (and blood cells) cannot use fat directly, apparently most muscles are able to use fatty acids directly. So after keto-adaption the ketone production of the liver is reduced since most of the body is using fatty acids. The small amount of glucose consumed (or generated) is reserved for the brain (or blood).

  7. When I first tried the ketogenic diet I felt like shit but I wasn;t getting enough salt. Never tried it again untl I did a really long fast and got into deep ketosis, I felt incredible and so I tried it again and did it perfectly and wow I’ve never gone back. I stay keto adapted but sometimes i’ll eat more paleo when I want some fruit

  8. Some really interesting points.

    But the part with the milk is just stupid. Sorry. You CAN’T argue that what’s good for a baby is also good for an adult. Completely different situations and metabolic needs. Cow babies drink a lot of milk. Would they benefit from a ketonic diet? Surely not.

    Another thought of mine:
    Even some of the most unscientific and extreme diets have been shown to have positive effects. Just because the average western diet is so terrible that the second you start to think about your eating behaviour your health improves. Even paleo and blood type diets work for your benefit (if you don’t look at possible side effects).

    Whole food plant based diets shows at least as impressive results as ketosis does. Allthough they are very different. The only thing that both have in common is that they (correctly applied) prevent insulin spikes (through isolated sugar and corn sirup). So maybe that’s all there is to it: Stop messing with your insulin levels through artifical sugars in processed foods?

  9. Hi. Will Half a cup of watermelon juice.lHalf a cup of homemade watermelon juice take me out of ketosis?

  10. How long did it take for you to be fully focus etc, im 10 days in , sleepin great, but my daytime Concentration is pretty bad, brain fog etc. What you think? 1month more of this before change?

  11. It’s actually thought that eating calorically dense and fatty animal products i.e. bone marrow that lead the cognitive revolution of the human species. This led to a decreased gut size and more energy being directed to the brain.

  12. Philip tells us a lot of good things about Keto diet, but nothing about side effects which can be easily found in studies, like ketogenic diet may decrease bone mass and density in the long term, and more importantly kidney damage. It is actually frustrating that all almost videos YouTube on the Keto diet theme neglect side effects and drawbacks.

  13. Keto may not be for everyone. But this anti fat attitude is killing people. People buying low fat as much as possible, aiming to get 0 grams of fat each day is making them sick, thinking they are protecting their arteries from clogging and health in general, the hysteria has gone too far

  14. ok man i hope u’ll try this diet and die because of’s not a normal process. it’s called as "ketoacidosis". this is seen in diabetic patients or people dying of starvation. so who the fuck are you to give people advices about health? are you a fucking doctor or a dietitian? some people might actually get hurt because of morons like you.your bullshit interpretations are not based on science. they are just your opinion that you made up. – no offence

  15. I happen to disagree with your saturated fat hypothesis, I believe the arguement for high carbohydrate plant based diets is more convincing.
    That said, it was well researched and god damn that was interesting

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