Here are some of my favourite low carb snacks! All snacks are 8 g of carbs or lower 🙂
What are your favourite low carb snacks?

App I use for nutrition values:
“Nutrients – Nutrition Facts” https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/nutrients-nutrition-facts/id396836856?mt=8
NOTE: I got this App a long time ago and it is unfortunately quite expensive now. A couple free options you could try: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/carb-manager-keto-diet-app/id410089731?mt=8

The newest version of my food scale (mine is over 10 years old haha):

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  1. walnuts r my favorite 😛 heheheh they r sooo goood that video is also nice what is that device u r using to calculate carbs

  2. I’ve been trying out this brand called "KNOW foods" whenever I’m feeling something sweet to snack on. Their cookies are 4 net carbs! Their key ingredient is allulose as an artificial sweetener & to be honest though, I don’t know a lot about it. But hey, the cookies are pretty good

  3. I love almonds, cheese and baby carrots. And it’s always a good idea for us to have a low carb snacks. But those kind of chips in Italy we don’t find them. But we have italian cheese really good and lots of different types. Ciao 😘😘😘

  4. This was very helpful! i just wondered what was the name of the app you used for the nutrition values? It seems to be pretty helpful!

  5. I like the vegetable chips idea I’ve never seen those before they look good. Thanks for the help!

  6. Cheese is my go to ! Sugar free jello , carrots , peanuts are super low carb , walnuts and unflavored turkey jerky

  7. I also go for almonds when I’m at work and want something to nibble on but carrots&hummus is my absolute favourite! Nice video!

  8. Yes love this vid!! Hardbite chips are my weaknesss! they’re too good. Also totally gonna download that app, it looks so much easier to use then my fitness pal (thats what I’ve been using forever).

  9. Woah never heard of subtracting fibers. Maybe that info hasn’t reached Europe yet lol. Good video! 🙂

  10. Hi Michelle. I was diagnosed with T1D last week. It’s my first couple days out of the hospital and I was worried at first about the diet change. I haven’t changed the type of food I eat so much, but I had to portion it much smaller than I’m used to. I was worried I’d have to fee hungry all the time. This video have been so great in helpibg me manage my cravings. Thank you so much!

  11. I know something with low carbs!!! Iets something Dutch🇳🇱 its called Drop… You also have them sugarfree it had carbs but almost everything is a carb that doesnt effect your Bloodsugar. (In Dutch called: polyolen) Drop is a Candy or what you want to call it that has multiple to choose from: salty, sweet, honey, salmiak, and many many more!!! I recommand it!

  12. I don’t like any of those snacks I have tried to beat chips not a huge fan they kind of taste like dirt I would eat carrots but they’re not my favorite either and nuts they just kill my teeth

  13. Great video. To be honest, since moving on the pump I don’t really pay attention to how carby my snacks are because I don’t need to do injections. My ultimate “low “ carb snack is my own homemade zucchini brownie which is so low in carb, it’s amazing. Great video 😊🤗

  14. Great ideas! I like cheese and nuts for low carb snacks, and also will sometimes eat half an avocado out of the peel with salt on top. It’s good!

  15. Poppadoms are a great low carb snack, there’s only 3.5 grams of carbs in one. So one with hummus or two just plain make a great snack.

  16. Hi Michelle!
    I’m 20 years old and was diagnosed with T1 two weeks ago. Your videos have been helping me stay positive and productive. Since you have 15+ years of experience with all this, how do you handle the depressive luls? I used to stress eat before I was diagnosed and now it feels like eating and food have become much more restrictive. I’m worried that if God forbid something bad happens in my life I’m going to go off of my diabetes regimen and risk complications. How have you persevered through the bad times while still keeping a regimen?

    Thank you for your videos, I look forward to each one you post. 🙂

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