Making 7 Pot Douglah Hot Pepper Sauce

Making 7 Pot Douglah Hot Pepper Sauce

In this video, we are making HOT sauce from the 3rd hottest pepper in the world….The 7 Pot Douglah from Trinidad. This recipe uses the peppers, fresh pineapple, garlic, yellow raisins, onion & other yummies.

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The Recipe:

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  1. So here’s what’s really funny cuz like I mentioned that I have gifts and I could smell the shit all the way over here and I’m in North Carolina and then I suggested the pineapple and all those things you look in the comment you posted that September the 7th of 2017 and I’m new to your channel and today is the 24th of October 2018 so I love how that kind of stuff happens I’ve never made hot sauce before and I had no idea but that’s what came up so that’s what I shared since you asked if anybody had any ideas and then I happened to see this video and I got pretty excited so I’ll have to continue watching and see what you come up with this is just a suggestion for the next time cuz I got to the point where you just took it out of the oven that would totally Grill it the fumes are in the house somebody there likes their vanilla I’m picking up on vanilla I want to know where you guys got those bottles from I think that’s really cool and I haven’t seen your wine making one but I’ll have to look is there any chance that Debbie likes Warm Vanilla Sugar like from Body Works or whatever it’s called cuz that’s what it smells like to me like to see how accurate my gift is and I’m laughing because I don’t have to do that I already have over 2 and a half years proof my accuracy level is in the 90s but ironically it’s mostly around food and plants I do pick up other things as you can say feedback is always appreciated

  2. That looks very good but way too thick to come out through the tiny hole in that pourer. I was a bit worried about the water getting into the bottles too as you only has a plastic screw cap. The shrink wrap is pretty nifty though. Was the fruitiness of the Pineapple enough to make the sauce more than just hot?

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