9 thoughts on “Cayenne pepper benefits”

  1. Nice vid! Also cayennepepoer.info has some really cool Home truths and Stories. The Guy also Breaks it down really well.peace

  2. Ahh just saw truthgladiator got there before me, keep up the Good work truthgladiator , you are very inspiring.

  3. My top remedies I’ve come to adopt are cayenne powder (great results), colloidal silver (have yet to buy it, can also make it yourself), coconut oil with medical grade activated charcoal for swishing and curing periodontal issues (pretty good results), also 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide (have it in freezer, haven’t used it yet, need a dropper and more research) for heavy duty problems ,,also a serious detoxer and kills everything (kills over 650 know pathogens and viruses ect) as well as cancer if you have it.

  4. Glenn here from CayennePepper(dot)info. Fun video. Good overall job. Couple of things. Taking it in capsule form will help but it’s not the ideal way, like you said. It still works, though, but it’s just not as powerful as drinking it. Again, like you inferred. I was also, btw, the first one on the Web to notify people that one could take cayenne to stop a heart attack. Couldn’t understand who you referred to when you talked about it. Thanks Sean. I like your enthusiasm.

  5. very insightful, your right, I’m 59 and was having light headed spells in the mall, and now after sipping it with OJ for a few months, it’s strengthened my cardio and made the blood flow much smoother. I don’t feel them now

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