The health benefits of Cayenne pepper (Capsaicin)

the Health benefits of Cayenne pepper (Capsaicin)

the chili powder is one of the most powerful healing plants in the world. It is an Incredible RED HOT CHILLI PEPPER. Know how you can stop, internal bleeding, and stop a heart attack dead in its Wake. He has incredible benefits for the health, and it is more than just a yummy spice, it is simply remarkable. Embark with me on this new, Epic journey in my new playlist I created called the health services: Today, in this video I will discuss the incredible power of healing and the health benefits of this wonderful Red hot Chilli Pepper. (Capsaicin)
Everyone needs a bit of spice in your life? Now, this is the best way, you start there, in your everyday life and you can reap enormous health benefits, this amazing Chili.

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I hope you enjoy this video Health benefits of Cayenne pepper (Capsaicin)

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50 thoughts on “The health benefits of Cayenne pepper (Capsaicin)”

  1. Hiya! We are now watching your playlist Health benefits (25 minutes)! Thank you for watching our yummy food PL with 17 minutes in total running time! 😀

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  3. Does it have to be cayenne pepper, instead of other kinds of hot pepper? Don’t all varieties of hot pepper have the same active ingredient — capsaicin? Why does it have to be cayenne and not other varieties of hot pepper?
    I get Thai chilies at my local Asian market, and I nibble on it along with a meal, so it doesn’t burn my stomach. Aren’t I getting the same benefits as taking cayenne?

  4. Fresh raw pepper is the best way to get pure pepper benefits.
    Grow your own. And eat with meaty dishes or eggs potato combo etc .
    White bread flour & most all breads…is a paste…to avoid but 4 wallpaper.
    Only Grains soaked in water (to soften) & whole / raw give life.
    If it wont grow it is dead and gives no life to you. IMO

  5. I love cayenne pepper 🌶 didn’t know that it helps with heart attack💕Amazing benefits 😀Thanks much😀Like👍👍516

  6. People, please, heart attacks are not all the same, it MAY BE true that Cayanne pepper could help with a minor blockage in the heart in same way that ASA (acetylsalicylic acid)MIGHT, but it WILL NOT clear a more serious blockage. When people are going into cardiogenic shock giving them anything by mouth can cause them to vomit which of course could make the whole situation worse. To say  Cayanne pepper will cure a heart attack is completely irresponsible and some people WILL die without advanced medical care. Sprinkling anything into an unconscious persons mouth is ludacris and unbelievably irresponsible as it could be inhaled into the lungs. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing so please please please, do your homework and find out the truth about heart attacks and strokes. The information is all available to you right here on the internet. (ps I’m speaking from 6 years of experience working in a busy ambulance service and during that time I provided emergency care for enough heart attacks that I lost count, they are not all the same.)

  7. I don’t understand, there are two conflicting points here: (1) 3:40 That it is a blood thinner and prevents clotting and (2) 4:20 that it stops bleeding, internal and external, in minutes.

  8. Wow, how nice. I am always looking back with admiration, very nice !! Thumb and we wish you a very happy and loving day 💖

  9. 1444 I subscribe to ur channel and hope u also subscribe back to my channel and like my videos thank you have a great day stay connected

  10. i instinctively knew I was on the right path when i started eating REALLY spicy half a year ago even though everyone told me to quit being an idiot and that I’d go blind. i feel so much better today still sweating like a pig since i ate 10 minutes ago. going for a jog now to burn those extra calories

  11. Does capsicum (green pepper ) have the same health benefits as cayenne pepper?
    Is capsicum good for anyone suffering from osteoarthritis?

  12. Excellent advice Bella, I have been an ND for over 30 years. And if you asked me what herb should everyone have on hand 24×7 it would be the hottest Cayenne Pepper they can get…Why, because it can be used in just about every disease affliction you can name, and bring on a healing. That is why in almost every herbal combination you will find cayenne in that combination, because it always moves the blood.

    Why is moving the blood important, because when you move the blood you also move oxygen. And what is the first thing an emergency crew will give you, oxygen! And Cayenne also moves the immune system around the body with blood flow, just exactly what every sick person needs.
    Here is one of my best Cayenne Stories…My brother-in-law had a hemorrhagic stroke, that left him unable to speak, and totally paralyzed. And my wife’s family did not want me to give him anything because they only trusted Conventional Medicine.

    It took over three weeks of changing his diapers, and the realization that cleaning poop out of his ass was going to go on for the rest of his life, at least 30 years! Soon my in-laws were asking me was there anything I could do to improve the situation, because the MD’s said get used to it!…l gave them a bottle of the hottest cayenne capsules I carry, and a bottle of low dose B3 Niacin, both of them move the blood. And told them one of each at every meal.

    Why, because a stroke shuts down blood flow to the brain. So moving blood flow back into the brain where it was stopped, will improve his symptoms…In a week he could use a bedpan, and say a few words. In a month he could use a walker to make it to the bathroom. I was now my in-laws hero, I could do not wrong. I saw my brother-in-law a few days ago, and he was working in the yard.

    Doc Blake

  13. *Hey Bella, You did a wonderful job. LOVE THIS VIDEO. You are doing amazing things with your channel. Thank so much for coming by our channel. It means a lot to us that you took the time.*


  15. There is no need to make a tea when a person is having a heart attack! Simply sprinkle some cayenne spice on your hand and lick it off. If the person is unconscious, sprinkle it in their mouth.

    I’ve stopped two heart attacks on myself using this method.

  16. Love hot and spicy.

    With Keto you can tons of green vegetables because they will fill you up. Track your carbs and see if you see a difference when you eat more than 20 carbs. Everyone is different so 20 carbs is not a magical number. As far as flavored teas make sure there is no added flavoring.

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